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Wigs for
Cancer Patients

Paying it forward. 

Cancer flips life upside down.It can unhinge plans and be emotionally draining for those affected and their loved ones. Treatments are physically grueling, causing severe fatigue and other life-changing side effects


Studies show that hair loss was one of its most stressful side-effects of cancer treatment. Hair is one of the most important aspects of self-expression. My mom lost her hair twice. I saw the stares from strangers in public and the impact that had.


As she did throughout all of her cancer challenges, my mom faced hair loss with determination and resolve, even though it deeply affected her.


Fortunately, wigs helped uphold her sense of identity. Wigs can be expensive, however, and cancer is an enormous financial burden. Yet there are a number of wonderful nonprofit organizations that help provide wigs to cancer patients.


That's why WCC is donating 15% of our profits to non-profit organizations that provide wigs to those undergoing cancer treatment.


From small beginnings come great things.  

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