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Cathy’s Jeans have been created to look good and feel good. These jeans are amazingly soft and cozy and fit every BODY. The jeans are slim-fit, mid waisted jeans with an ankle cut, which are perfect for everyday usages. We have focused on both comfortable fit and functionality. Made from 98% cotton denim with about 2% spandex for that subtle touch of stretch for the perfect fit. Cathy’s Jeans have been designed to be very comfortable in the crotch. Yes, you've read that right, no more tightness around your thighs, and no more uncomfortable scrunching around areas where you don't want scrunching. The lining of these jeans is very soft. White stitching accents the belt line, pockets, and inseam while complimenting the dark blue fabric.  


These jeans emphasize your natural figure and physique and comfortably show off your curves without the uncomfortable, scratchy, tight fit of standard jeans. They are so comfortable, they don't even feel like jeans!  


Finally — a pair of jeans with big, functional pockets. The front pockets of Cathy’s Jeans are large enough to hold your smart phone and other incidentals. Now there’s no need to carry a purse to hold your personal items like your phone, keys, a small wallet, or lipstick, and you no longer need to always hold your phone in your hand. Comfort and functionality in one!

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