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A Journey with Friends

Updated: Nov 19

The Word Change Coalition

As the World Change Coalition and Cathy’s Jean’s evolve, the immense kindness of wonderful people is seen in so many ways. That unto itself is inspiring. One of those people is Florence Yaeger, a gifted and insightful writer who has supported us from the beginning. Ren, as she is known, provided guidance on our web presence, helped select the right platform, designed the website, and wrote the copy.

She understood instinctively what we have been building and trying to achieve with the World Change Coalition and that was reflected in her support. Ren also designed and wrote a wonderful pamphlet that we use at our public events, like the Colorado Mammoth’s annual Lacrosse Our Cancer event in Denver or Hope Lives! The Lydia Dody Breast Cancer Support Center annual gala in Fort Collins. The pamphlet created by Ren truly captures the passion and vision that guides the World Change Coalition’s path. Thank you, Ren, for your inspiration and support.

You can read more about her at

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