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Chemo Therapy, Hair Loss, and Wigs

Updated: 2 days ago

Cathy's Jeans and Chemo Therapy

Chemotherapy-induced hair loss can have profound psychosocial and quality-of-life consequences, resulting in anxiety, depression, a negative body image, lowered self-esteem, and a reduced sense of well-being.

My mom went through hair loss twice over her many years of living with cancer and so many cancer treatments. I saw first-hand the profound impact it had on her. I remember how difficult it was for her when she lost her beautiful Celtic red hair. The stares and whispers between strangers. Her search for the right hat, scarf, or, especially, a wig was challenging and put an undo focus on her situation.

A Promise to My Mom

Before my mom passed, I made a promise to her that I would strive to make the world a better place. It is this promise, to honor her incredible strength and perseverance, in the face of the challenges of cancer and cancer treatments, that inspired me to create the World Change Coalition.

The World Change Coalition’s purpose is to raise funds to support charitable organizations that help women facing cancer treatment-related hair loss obtain wigs. We do this through the sale of jeans, named for my mom, Cathy’s Jeans, designed to make a woman’s life simpler. Please look at our story and what we are doing at

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