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Entrepreneurship and Life -- What's the Difference?

Updated: 2 days ago

Starting a company is a lot like living life. Starting a company requires perseverance, patience, hard work, and most of all support and encouragement from those close to you.

Losing my mom was hard, I didn’t really have the desire to get up and do day-to-day tasks any more. I just wanted to get over grieving for her. However, with the support of those around me I garnered the strength to continue moving forward and to tolerate the grieving process. Over time things got better.

Starting this company has been challenging to say the least. There have absolutely been days that I don’t feel like I can keep pushing through the piles of work required to start a company. I desire quick results, when in reality getting a business off the ground takes time.

However, those close to me have continued to give me strength and guidance to keep going and be patient on my journey.

So starting a business is a lot like life, lessons learned in life are just as applicable to running a business. Being better at one makes me better in the other.

It's one of the many things I love most about being an entrepreneur.


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