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The Team Behind The Scenes

Updated: 2 days ago

Last weekend, the World Change Coalition™ had the honor of attending the Colorado Mammoth’s Lacrosse Out Cancer event, hosted by Colorado's professional Lacrosse team. It is where different organizations around Colorado come and show how they are fighting cancer. The love and support for both the team and this event were unlike any other. Seeing and experiencing the unity, the support, and the enthusiasm to cheer on the team brings to point that, those battling cancer have their teammates too.

As I am, and many of you might be, obviously well aware of how cancer affects more than the individual going through it. It affects family, friends, and anyone else who cares for the person going through cancer. The patient has their team helping support and cheer them on. From words of encouragement to driving their loved ones to and from treatments, the fight against cancer is a team effort. There is no question that the patient going through cancer has their struggles in the fight, however, let's not forget about the huge team behind that patient deep in the trenches with them. If you know someone who has a loved one facing cancer, I highly recommend reaching out to them from time to time with words and actions of encouragement. The smallest things can make the biggest difference.

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